Buying and Selling at the Same Time

Buyer Process Bullet Point List:


Define Your Needs and Budget: Determine your requirements for a new property, including size, location, amenities, and price range.

Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage: Contact a lender to assess your financial situation and obtain a pre-approval letter to know your purchasing power.

Engage a Real Estate Agent: Hire a trusted real estate agent who specializes in the area you're interested in to guide you through the buying process.

Property Search: Collaborate with your agent to identify suitable properties that match your criteria and preferences.

Schedule Property Tours: Visit the selected properties to get a firsthand look and feel of the spaces.

Perform Due Diligence: Conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess its condition, potential issues, and any necessary repairs.

Make an Offer: When you find the ideal property, work with your agent to craft a competitive and reasonable offer to the seller.

Negotiate the Deal: Be prepared to negotiate with the seller to reach a mutually agreeable purchase price and terms.

Complete the Purchase Agreement: Once the offer is accepted, finalize and sign the purchase agreement with all necessary contingencies.

Secure Financing: Work with your lender to complete the mortgage application process and secure the necessary financing.

Conduct Appraisal and Inspection: Arrange for an appraisal and home inspection to ensure the property's value and condition meet your expectations.

Finalize Mortgage Approval: Obtain final mortgage approval from your lender to proceed with the purchase.

Coordinate Closing Details: Work with your agent, title company, and lender to handle all necessary paperwork and prepare for the closing.

Closing Day: Attend the closing meeting to sign all relevant documents and finalize the purchase of the property.

Receive the Keys: Congratulations, you are now a homeowner! Obtain the keys to your new property and begin the exciting journey of homeownership.


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